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Just For Kids

ArtCyclopedia - Guide to Museum-quality art on the web.
Art For Kids - Get some great ideas for rainy day projects.
The Age of Enlightenment - in the paintings of France's national museums.
Art Serve - An art history gallery from the Australian National University.
Kids Arts World - A fun place for kids (and parents) to learn about art from the The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Cave Paintings - Discovery of a Palaeolithic painted cave at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc (Ardèche).
Chelyabinsk Art & Music Page - Art from the Southern region of Russia.
Crayola - The official site of the popular crayon.
Le WebLouvre - The WebMuseum network.
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts - Boston
The Guggenheim Museum
Prints & Printmaking
Visual Arts - A list of on-line art galleries and photography exhibitions.
World Art Treasures
Microscapes - MicroScapes brings you photographs taken through high power microscopes. At this level of magnification the everyday objects of our lives take on an unrecognizable and sometimes artistic appearance.
Fine Arts Rapid Research - presented by TIME magazine for kids
Rivanna Music