When It Comes to Productivity You're the Problem

The Greatest Productivity Tool Isn’t on Your Phone

I consider myself pretty productive, but it took me three days to write this post. I had an Asana task with a due date, it was part of my daily workbook, and I could see it on the to-do list on my phone, but somehow properly using all those tech tools didn’t result in the blog post being written.

So what’s the problem?

As I talk with agents and brokerage owners I see a trend. Everyone is always chasing the next great productivity tool, and they jump from one task management platform to another: a new calendar app, a new CRM, a new phone. New system after new system, always in search of the next great thing. But your tech tools aren’t what make you truly productive in the end. It’s discipline.

Discipline is a principle that is often overlooked in discussions on productivity technology. Yet a tool will only work if you use it and use it consistently. If you read about the habits of successful people, the common theme is always relentless self-discipline. They get up at the same time, they exercise at the same time, they schedule work at the same time – they create a disciplined routine and follow it.

Take time this week to evaluate your systems and tech tools to make sure they are enhancing your productivity, rather than offering a fun distraction. Technology can be great for maximizing productivity, but establishing the baseline routine and discipline to follow it is the first step

I’ll be doing a series of posts in the next few months about maximizing productivity and establishing a routine to help you succeed. I’ll include strategies I used in 2010 to do $10 million in personal sales when the market hadn’t fully recovered yet, and that I still use today to own and manage 10 RE/MAX offices with 175 agents, doing nearly $2 billion in sales this past year.

Written by Matt van Winkle, CEO, RE/MAX Northwest

Jesse Gibbs