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Work Hard. Be Nice.
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Our office mantra is simple: “Work Hard, Be Nice.” But with so many different people involved in every transaction, one of the biggest challenges in real estate is working with people who aren’t following the same advice. The barrier to entry in real estate and lending is so low; from time to time we encounter unprofessional or ill-equipped agents.

When our agents are faced with rude people in a transaction, we encourage them to seize the opportunity to really shine and show their value. If they can stand out, they’ll be able to provide better service and in the end, generate more business.

While reading, I came across this article about the “10 Habits of Remarkably Polite People” and saw how easily this could apply to real estate agents. It was uncanny because I was also in the process of re-reading Dale Carnegie’s classic “How To Win Friends and Influence People” and in 80-years, not much has changed.

As agents, we need people to want to be around us. If people don’t gravitate towards us, it is hard to build the relationship and trust necessary to do a good job and maintain an active sphere. We highly recommend checking out this article for some tips. Remember, being polite is a great way to increase your gravitational pull, and it fits right in with the four words that define everything we do - 

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