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RE/MAXimizing Your Potential

At RE/MAX Northwest, our mantra is simple: “Work Hard. Be Nice.” There are many challenging aspects of the real estate industry, and we feel strongly that these two rules can conquer any obstacle.  Improving the real estate experience requires more than just tech. It starts at the brokerage level. A brokerage that supports and guides agents positively impacts the agent and client experiences and attracts like-minded agents.  We help independent business owners thrive by fostering entrepreneurial development.

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Our Passion

It begins with our brokers. We choose to work with incredible real estate agents who understand the market in a unique way; it's more than just a job, it's a part of life. They live and breath real estate, they are willing to go beyond the call of duty for their clients and they support their teammates. Work Hard. Be Nice. It's not just a motto. It's what we do and who we are.



Collaboration, not egos.

At RE/MAX Northwest, your peers will be collaborative and goal-oriented. We’re out to be a brokerage with great agents, and we recruit those who value and enrich our  culture. Our profitability is tied to agent success not headcount, so we seek agents with growth potential. Our split structure is designed to help agents grow, no matter their production level. Whether you produce $2 million or $40 million – we invest in you and your in your growth.

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Added value

We envision a brokerage-agent relationship with more value. Our training is about saving agents time and helping them make more money. We teach skills that are immediately useful, and new agents increase productivity right away. Managing brokers are invested in each agent – from business plans, to marketing ROI, to lead generation. It’s pretty simple, really: we help our agents succeed.


Staying in front of the Curve

We’ve developed a new brokerage model to help agents thrive in the new market. Built with cutting edge technology, transparent fees, and the largest national and international brand, RE/MAX Northwest is the new brokerage model for successful agents.

Our production program for experienced agents gives them a significant advantage over their peers. While most brokerages stop training once an agent no longer has transaction-related questions, we find that the perfect time to begin. With mastery of real estate accomplished, our agents are positioned for technology and efficiency mastery and ready to take their business to the next level.

Our agents have access to the best tools, training, and resources the industry has to offer. We built custom technology to address the slow pace of real estate innovation and help our agents utilize the latest marketing strategies that are yet to hit the real estate world.




More Money // More Time

Agents learn new skills as soon as they join RE/MAX Northwest, and as a result their production increases significantly their first year. With our monthly training classes, one-on-one marketing plans and specialized marketing team, our agents are prepped to take on the real estate market. Whether your goal is to make more money or have more time, both are possible with efficiency improvements. 

Through one-on-one discussions, we learn about each agent’s systems and methods, and we develop areas for improvement. We help agents utilize the full power of available technology; working with designers and marketers in the industry to gather every efficiency and advantage for our team. We're the largest RE/MAX franchise in the Pacific Northwest for a reason.

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We’re an ambitious group, but we’re never in competition with each other. Agents constantly share ideas – whether it’s for mailers, sphere maintenance, or open houses. We believe we can accomplish more together and that is reflected in everything we do.

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It's more than just a motto, it's who we are. Every agent employs a variety of methods to develop and maintain their business: some host dinners, others participate in triathlete groups. Our agents share their methods and come up with new ideas together. They share vendor referrals and offer open house opportunities. Collaboration allows us to constantly improve. For example, when someone discovers an app that saves time, they share it. We learn from each other, and we all improve.


I tell everyone I can how thrilled I am to be working at RE/MAX Northwest. After over 35 years as a Realtor®, I can tell you it doesn’t get any better than this.
— Karen Eddinger, RE/MAX Northwest Broker

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